The use of high-quality steel entails the extreme stability of the positioner. A statics carefully calculated guarantees the carrying of the load without vibrations and ensures a safe and professional working. Powerful hydraulic cylinders allow a consistent positioning of the workpieces.

The Turning Movement
The rotary joint equipped with a drive motor is the element between the basic structure and the clamping plate. It is manufactured out of a material suitable for the load capacity. A sturdy clamping plate with a number of fixing slots permits a safe clamping of the workpieces.

The Hydraulics
It is designed in a very compact way and exclusively produced using selected components from leading manufacturers.

The Electrical Installation
All necessary components are clearly arranged in a control cabinet. The machine is operated by a handheld console. With this console all movements of the machine can be carried out.

Accessories Available:

  • Turnable welding current return cable up to 1,500 Amp
  • Foot pedal control for feed/stop rotation
  • Clamping plates can be manufactured according to customer requirements