Heavy Worker for Assembly and Welding Works

Rotolift is an electro-hydraulic positioning device especially designed for the execution of welding, maintenance and assembly jobs. Rotolift allows for the machining of workpieces in the position desired.

Our heavy worker improves access to the workpiece and significantly reduces auxiliary times. Due to the ergonomic working position the performance of the operator is enhanced and the risk of accidents at the workplace minimized.

Because of the optimum position of the workpieces the quality of work is enhanced and delivery times are significantly reduced.

Our Rotolift is a flexible positioning device with the following functions:

  • Permanent turning of clamping plate (right/left)
  • Tilting of clamping plate up to max. 140°
  • Lifting and lowering of clamping plate

The movements can be carried out independent of each other. The device is compliant with the machine guidelines 89/392 and 92/368 EEC and carries the CE-mark. To ideally meet your requirements Rotolift is offered in different models.

  • OL: fully hydraulic (assembly/maintenance)
  • OL/MR: with mass feedback for the welding current
  • OL/MR/EL: Electromotor and rotation controlled by frequency converter

The following models can be delivered:
Load Capacity Tilting Angle
1,250 kg 95°
2,000 kg 95° or 140°
3,000 kg 95° or 140°
4,500 kg 95° or 140°
6,500 kg 95° or 140°
8,500 kg 95° or 140°
11,000 kg 95° or 140°
13,000 kg on request