The Centre of Mass Positioner in Use

Ergonomics in Production

From the point of view of ergonomics as well as work and health safety the regulations exceed simple norms. They require a comprehensive view of the work system between operator, machine and work processes. The assessment is largely limited to the man-machine interface.

With our positioner MSP we achieve an ergonomic work situation for the operator, resulting in a significantly improved capacity to meet the physical (muscles, skeleton) and mental requirements. Work processes are increasingly automated which, however, does not make the machining of the operator redundant.

The rate of absence due to musculo-skeletal diseases is constantly rising. In this respect the centre of mass positioner MSP offers an optimum interface between operator, workpiece and machining requirements.

Reduce Costs – Save Time

The centre of mass positioner MSP offers improved access to the workpiece, thus improving the quality of the work to be done.

Due to the fast and easy turning during machining and the one-time clamping and removing of workpieces auxiliary times are significantly reduced. The performance of the operator is enhanced, while delivery times are automatically reduced.